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Our History

Our History

The Ben Franklin building has been a part of our community for the past 120 years. The store initially began a The Walter Scott & Co. Mercantile store in 1896.
















This picture is of the old original store building of 1896.





















The old store after renovations but before it burned down in 1933.

At the time the building was purchased from the Walter Scott Company to the Sandstone Cooperative Company. There was a sign on the side of the building that claimed they carried, "Everything for Everybody." The building which also housed the Gust Larson Drug Store, Gaumnitz Hardware, Rubisuhle Tire and Repair Shop and the Rubinell Cafe with a miniature golf course in the basement was destroyed by fire in 1933.Within 5 Months they completely rebuilt  a brand new store! The new building was built on the same site and was made out of Sandstone, and brick which is what you still see today.
















The Old Store (1950's)

Over the years the building had a variety of uses. It was originally divided into four separate storefronts and stores.

For the last 47 out of the last 49 years it has been a Ben Franklin, initially only occupying one section of the four.




















The Ben Franklin Store from around the (1970's- Spring 2015)

1974 was when the last major renovation occurred, and that is when they expanded the Ben Franklin into all four sections.


















The Ben Franklin Store before opening after major renovations. (Spring 2016)


The Franklin family ironically enough, (no relation) to Benjamin Franklin purchased the building Spring 2015 in a foreclosure sale. It has taken a lot of work and renovations, but we are finally back up and ready to serve the community!


Thank you for supporting and buying local!




















The Ben Franklin Store opening July 22, 2016



















Franklin's Ben Franklin as of March 2017

Walter Scott & Co Mercantile Store Sandstone, MN 1896
Sandstone Cooperative Company Building 1933 Sandstone, MN
Sandstone Ben Franklin and other stores 1950s
Sandstone Ben Franklin 1970s-Spring 2015
Franklin's Ben Franklin Spring 2016
Franklin's Ben Franklin March 2017
Franklin's Ben Franklin store opening 2016
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