Aebleskiver and More: A Sampling of Danish Dishes

by Lisa Steen Riggs (Author, Editor)


This collection of Danish recipes was inspired by the puffy round aebleskiver, an expression of the creative spirit of the Danish cook who turns ordinary mealtimes into succulent feasts. Included are recipes from Lisa Steen Riggs' personal collection, the staff of the Danish Windmill and Immigrant Museum, friends, and love-to-cook contributors. Among the over 115 recipes, you will find choices from the exotic to "Bedstemor's" (grandmother's) best. The Aebleskiver section includes hints and tips for using the special aebleskiver pan, cooking, and serving, as well as a variety of favorite recipes for these doughnut-like treats. Other savory, typically Danish recipes are found in Coffee Cakes; Sweet Breads; Pastries; Breads; Rolls; Rusks; Smorrebrod; Salads; Soups; Main Dishes; Vegetables; Sauces & Dressing for Meats, Fish & Vegetables; Cakes and Other Desserts; Cookes; and Drinks. You will find "Great Grandma's Danish Aebleskiver," "Danish Kringle," "Danish Rye Bread," "Some Favored Combinations" (smorrebrod), "Herring Salad," Holiday Fruit Soup," "Danish Stew with Dumplings," "Sweet-Sour Red Cabbage," "Creamy Danish Blue Cheese Dressing," "Danish Layer Cake," "Danish Anise Seed Cookies," " Chrismtas Punch," and much more. Interesting historical reference covers the Danish Windmill, The Danish Immigrant Museum, the Danish settlement of Elk Horn, as well as other Danish historic sites.

Aebleskiver and More